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Substance Designer

As an avid Quixel fan I was sceptical of substance designer. Not because of the results you get from the substance suite, but because of the ease of Quixel.

Now, after playing with painter I still prefer Quixel, however Designer is something totally different. Being competent with the UE4 material editor I picked designer up with no issues at all. A few nodes had different names so it’s an issue of finding the correct name for the nodes and boom….
These are the results of my first two days at using the Substance Designer.


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Perfect VR

We were asked by Brighton based company Nearlight, to create a variety of bespoke assets for the VR experience, Perfect VR, published by nDreams.


The project entailed creating a number of high end assets to work on a variety of platforms. These included, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and was a launch title on Play Station VR.


Close Up Assets.

The assets which were close to the user in the experience had to be extremely highly detailed and as realistic as possible. As you can see from the selection below they all turned out to be amazing. They were created using a combination of 3ds Max, ZBrush and the Quixel Suite.

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Distance Assets

The assets used in the distance were created to have a strong silhouette rather than high detailed textures. They were still created using a combination of 3ds Max, ZBrush and the Quixel Suite, for consistency in the way they Look. Distance Assets included, Fences, Ships, Hang Gliders, Kites, Hot Air Balloons and more.

Below are some examples:


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Chainsmokers Paris VR

We were asked to create environment content for the Chainsmokers Paris VR experience.


This involved creating assets and shaders as well as providing technical solutions for 7 vastly different, interactive levels. These ranged from more traditional desert, forest and city levels to the more surreal dreamscape worlds.

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The project was released on Play Station VR as a free experience for Sony Musics #LOSTINMUSIC campaign.

The Experience was premiered at SXSW festival in the USA in March 2017 and released on the US Play Station store on April 28th, 2017.



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