Over the last few days, in between project, I have been playing around in Unreal Engine 4. Most of my work projects are in Unity and I feel as though its good to keep on top of it all! Over the years I have collated a library of assets and it is just amazing what you can achieve in a number of hours.

I started with this piece which was based on concept art from Gilles Ketting’s project Ashen Falls Project. http://www.gilles-ketting.com/ashen-falls/

The Second Piece was a Cave Scene. which took a few hours to complete.

As a keen kayaker i have been on a fair few adventures. These experiences led to a vision in my head where I wanted to give the impression of exploration and adventure. I think this was achieved, and am really pleased how it turned out. Unreal is in a league of its own when it comes to these quick dioramas (as long as you have a library of assets to work from. luckily I have a lot of assets that i have collated over the years).

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